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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Practical Skills for Giving It Your All

Where can we gain Practical Skills and Ongoing Support for Giving It Our All?

Most progressives, activists, and entrepreneurs could use a structured framework and ongoing support to help us focus our whole selves on accomplishing what we believe in. We must be fully persuasive, cooperative, and collaborative as sales people, promoters, organizers, and creators of the world of our dreams.

And, we ourselves must be sustainable, with ways to refuel, recharge, and reorient for the long haul, without burning out or abandoning our dreams.
We also need a community of peer support, to leverage limited expertise and integrate our training, and to build a community of practice and a power base.

Do you need or provide such a resource?

I'm an entrepreneur and social activist. By October 8, I have to decide whether to pay a lot of money to a sales coach to help me be as persuasive as he is. But it's so earnings-driven, I'm afraid I'll get hung up in a values conflict.

To talk about needing or providing this kind of resource, please post your comments at, or contact me at I'm near Philadelphia, PA.

David Calloway